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Public Services

Node and Explorer APIs

Currently, the following API services are maintained. Note that all APIs are rate limited to prevent spam.

  • for mainnet with node v1.5.X (Test)
  • for testnet with node v1.5.X (Test)
  • for mainnet with explorer backend v1.9.X (Test)
  • for testnet with explorer backend v1.9.X (Test)

As the project is still under active development, all APIs are versioned. Typically, only the latest versions are maintained, but any API upgrades will be announced to the community in advance.

Testnet Faucet

To receive testnet tokens, simply tweet “#alephium” followed by your wallet address (the one you use on testnet).

#alephium 1H1GPLkoMGVUfxQcJgtjWTrKV1KJCQooEV5WxPMhP4Zjy