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Getting Started

Alephium offers a powerful Typescript SDK that makes it easy to connect to and interact with the blockchain. Some of the functionalities it provides are:

  • Query on-chain states
  • Build and submit transactions
  • A CLI tool for compiling, testing and deploying smart contracts
  • Libraries for building React/Nextjs web interfaces


The @alephium/web3 is the core package that offers dev-friendly APIs to interact with the Alephium blockchain and develop dApps on it.

npm install --save @alephium/web3

Connect to Alephium

To begin developing your dApp, the first step is to establish a connection to the Alephium network. NodeProvider is an abstraction of a connection to the Alephium network, it exposes all the full node APIs in Typescript.

You can get a NodeProvider instance by:

import { NodeProvider } from '@alephium/web3'

const nodeProvider = new NodeProvider('http://localhost:22973')

If the full node you are connecting to requires API Key, you can specify it like this:

const API_KEY = // alephium.api.api-key from your full node config
const nodeProvider = new NodeProvider('http://localhost:22973', API_KEY)

Some utility functions in the SDK rely on the global provider. You need to set it like this to ensure these functions work correctly:

import { web3 } from '@alephium/web3'


Learn More

Blocks and transactions are the core concepts of any blockchains. We will learn how to use the Typescript SDK to build and query transactions as well as sign and submit them. We will also learn how to query and subscribe to the blocks information.

Smart contract support is one of Typescript SDK's main focuses. We will learn how to use the CLI tool to compile and deploy contracts. We will also learn how to use the libraries and frameworks to test and debug contracts during development as well as interacting with them after they are deployed.

To ease the web interface integration, Web3 React package is included in the Typescript SDK to provide a set of react components and hooks to help with wallet connection and blockchain interaction.

Typescript SDK also provides utilities to work with contract and system events, encode & decode transactions and contracts and more. Dive in to explore the powerful features offered by the Typescript SDK!