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Getting Started


Alephium extension wallet is available for both Chrome and Firefox.

Create Wallet

Create wallet
  1. Click the Alephium extension wallet icon on your browser
  2. On the landing page, click the New wallet button
  3. Enter the password to protect your wallet
  4. Done! Your wallet is created.

Now your wallet does not have any assets. In the next step, let's transfer some ALPH to this wallet.

Transfer Assets

ALPH Token Faucet

For devnet and testnet, extension wallet has a ALPH token faucet built-in. You can recieve 1000 ALPH for devnet and 12 ALPH for testnet respectively everytime.

Receive Fund


Token Faucet


Token Received

Transfer ALPH

You can also transfer ALPH to your account from another acount:

Overview page


Transfer page


Review transfer

After signing the transfer transaction, you can monitor the transaction state from the Activity tab. As soon as the transaction is confirmed, the transferred ALPH amount is reflected on the receiving account.

Pending Tx


Confirmed Tx


ALPH Received

That's it! You have successfully transfered some ALPH.

Transfer Tokens

The process of transferring other fungible tokens is basically the same as transferring the ALPH token:

Transfer Token 1


Transfer Token 2


Transfer Token 3

Please refer to the Fungible Tokens guide for more information about fungible tokens.

NFT Support

Alephium extension wallet also support displaying and transferring NFTs, as shown below:

Display Collections


Display Collection


Transfer NFT

Please refer to the Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) guide for more information about NFTs.

Manage Accounts

Account in the Alephium extension wallet represents a digital container that consists of a public address and its corresponding private key, allowing user to receive, store and transfer assets on the Alephium blockchain.

Alephium extension wallet allows users to manage multiple accounts at the same time. For example, Alice can have one account for Salary, one account for Saving and another account for Trip 2023.

Create Account

To add an extra account, follow the steps below:



Account List


Add Account

There are couple of options that we can choose before creating an account:

  • Group: Available options are 0, 1, 2 or 3. If any is chosen, the group where the created account belongs to will be random
  • Sign: Available options are default and schnorr. default represents the default Alephium signature type used to e.g. sign Alephium transactoins, whereas schnorr represents the BIP340 Schnorr signature type which is useful when interacting with protocols like Nostr
  • Account Type: Available options are Alephium Account or a Ledger Account. For more details about the Ledger integration please refer to the Ledger guide.

After choosing the desired options, a new account will be created and ready to be used.

Edit Account

You can also edit the name of an existing account, export its public key and private key, delete an account, etc:

Account List


Edit Account


Export Public Key


Export Private Key