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Getting Started

1. Installation

TODO: write after package is published

2. Create Wallet

Landing page    Create wallet    Assets page
  1. Click the Alephium extension wallet icon to open the extension wallet
  2. On the landing page, click the New wallet button
  3. Enter the password to protect your wallet
  4. Done! Your wallet is created.

Now your wallet is empty without any assets. In the next step, let's transfer some ALPH to this wallet.

3. Transfer ALPH

Transfer page    Send page    Review transfer
  1. Click the Transfer button at the bottom of extension wallet's pop-up window
  2. Enter the amount of ALPH (e.g. 100) and recipient's address
  3. Click Approve in the Review Send page
  4. Now your have successfully transferred some ALPH to the recipient!

You can see the received ALPH in both the Assets tab as well as the Addresses tab as shown below:

Transfer page    Send page

4. Manage Addresses

Address tab    New address    Address setting

You can see all the available addresses displayed as cards in the Addresses tab, with information such as their respective balances, groups and copiable string representation. You can also see the latest transactions associated with this address displayed underneath the card as well.

Clicking the + icon on the top right corner brings you to the New address page. Here a new address can be created, either with the specified group or randomly generated group.

If you go back to the Addresses tab and click the Settings icon, you will see the Address settings page where you can edit the name of the address.