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Protocol-level Constants

When building dApps on Alephium, it's important to be aware of certain protocol-level constants, such as the minimum required gas and the maximum number of tokens allowed per contract. This guide compiles some of the key constants for Alephium.

Maximal transactions per block2000
Minimal gas per transaction20000
Minimal gas price per transaction0.0000001 ALPH
Minimal gas fee per transaction0.002 ALPH
Maximal gas per block10000000
Maximal gas per transaction5000000
Minimal ALPH per asset utxo (dust amount)0.001 ALPH
Minimal ALPH per contract utxo (contract deposit)0.1 ALPH
Maximal number of token per asset utxo1
Maximal number of token per contract utxo8
Maximal contract code size32 KB
Maximal contract total fields size3 KB