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If you are a bottom-up learner who prefers a hands-on approach, the following tutorials will help you become familiar with building dApps on Alephium.

Quick Start

Learn how to build a simple faucet dApp with the Typescript SDK.

Deep Dive

Explore the details of the faucet dApp introduced in the Quick Start guide.

Your First Transaction

Learn how to create, sign and submit a transaction on Alephium.

Your First Fungible Token

Learn how to create your first fungible token using the fungible token standard.

Your First NFT

Learn how to create your NFT using the non-fungible token standard.

Your First dApp with NextJs

Learn how to build your first dApp with web interface using Nextjs, and connect wallets to your dApp using the @alephium/web3-react package.`

Dapp Recipes

Find examples or code snippets for common tasks when building on Alephium.