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Getting Started


Ensure that Java (11 or 17 is recommended) is installed on your computer:

Download Application File

Download file alephium-x.x.x.jar from Github release (do not double click on it, it can not be launched this way).

Start your node

  1. Open the search and type in Terminal (for Mac and Ubuntu) or Command Prompt (for Windows).
  2. In the Terminal/Command Prompt program, type cd your-jar-file-path to enter the folder in which the alephium-x.x.x.jar file is saved.
  3. Type the following command and press Enter to launch the full node:
    java -jar alephium-x.x.x.jar

🎉 Tada, your node is running

  • Your node will start to sync with the network. It might take long the first time. Your node has been fully synced once the block height in the terminal logs is equal to the one found in the latest blocks of the explorer.
  • If you close the terminal the node will be turned off.
  • All of the blockchain data is stored in .alephium under your home folder1.


We use OpenAPI to interact with the full node. You can directly open Swagger UI through

Alternatively, you can use any OpenAPI client to import the openapi.json file from our repository (download).


For mining tutorial, you can follow our Solo Mining Guide or Pool Mining Guide.


You could download the desktop wallet from here GitHub.

Alternatively, our full node has a builtin wallet with advanced features, you can follow our Wallet Guide to learn how to use it.

  1. The home folder depends on your system: C:\Users\<your-username> in Windows, /Users/<your-username> in macOS, /home/<your-username> in Linux.