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Leman Network Upgrade


This page may be subject to future updates

On this page you will find all information regarding the Leman Network Upgrade. The Leman Network Upgrade is next step in the development of Alephium and will bring new functionalities and features to the blockchain.

Why the Leman Upgrade?

Alephium has been live on mainnet since Nov 8th 2021. The core devs have since focused on increasing the performance and security of the whole stack, as well as enabling a top-of-the-class dApp developer experience.

After being tested sufficiently on testnet, the Leman Upgrade brings these important improvements to the mainnet. As these changes are significant, the upgrade will introduce new features and changes that are not be backward-compatible, requiring an upgrade of all nodes.

You can find a full write up on the reasoning and implications on the Leman Upgrade (reasoning) here.

As well as an update on the state of preparation for the upgrade itself here.

And a Technical Talk about the features introduced with the Leman Network Upgrade here

Improved devX experience for developers


Set of tools to interact to and develop dApps on Alephium


Alephium's programming language for dApps development

dApps Prototypes

Build stuff now! How to build dApps on Alephium:

Examples of dApps already built:

  • NFT Marketplace: Mint, buy and sell NFTs

Github: alephium/alephium-nft#1

  • DEX: Swap tokens or become a Liquidity Provider (LP) on a Decentralized Exchange (DEX)


Public Services

Faucet and APIs

Public Services:

Expanding the user experience

The Front End gets a complete revamp of everything + new tools!


Coming Soon: Test the next versions of the wallets (Desktop and Mobile)

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Foundations for bridging to other chains

The core devs are developing a Bridge between Alephium and Ethereum.

Its code can be found in the following link:

The Alephium-Ethereum Bridge is deployed in the testnet.


You can connect to the testnet and interact with the following applications & tools:

Extension Wallet

Testnet Block Explorer

NFT Marketplace

DEX on Alephium Testnet

Alephium Ethereum Bridge